Discover and develop the most sustainable mineral projects.

Cloud-based software that provides robust global geological frameworks, regional knowledge, and data-driven models to accelerate and optimize the discovery and development of mineral projects.

Automate copper screening workflow

Searching for copper in the age of energy transiton

Automate copper screening workflow

Identify potential faster

Reduce mineral prospectivity and screening time from months to weeks with centralised data and integrated and automated workflows.

  • Locate data faster: Commence prospectivity workflows faster with easy access to global digital datasets, which has been standardised and centralised for ease access.
  • Rapid data visualization: Rapidly visualize data, including third-party datasets with ease to expand data control and help reduce uncertainty.
  • Synchronize & share insights: Connect people, data and automated workflows for seamless collaboration and optimal screening efficiency.

Develop knowledge & insights

Accelerate learning and fill knowledge gaps with a multi-disciplinary digital resource to inform reliable decision making.

  • Fill knowledge gaps: Access to global multi-disciplinary digital resource provides the foundation for accelerated learning and familiarisation.
  • Big picture thinking: Unparalleled global geological context to help develop a unified understanding of key factors driving mineralization.
  • Minerals system approach: Integrated and established subsurface workflows helps teams extract the full value of the data and extract additional insights irrespective of their level of experience
Mineral explorer dashboard of Neftex Prospect software
Mineral Explorer Dashboard

Meet the mineral demands of the energy transition.

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Sedimentary-hosted Copper Screening maps of Neftex Prospect software
Sedimentary-hosted Copper Screening maps

Explore wider & deeper

Help meet demand by venturing confidently into new frontiers and to great depths.

  • Predict beyond data control: Understand fundamental mineral forming processes using predicative global models built on tectonics, sea level, paleoclimate, and geological structure.
  • Reduce uncertainty: Identify prospects that are likely to yield the greatest ROI with a mineral systems approach and insights spanning 2 billion years.
  • Identify new opportunities: Confidently investigate the potential of unfamiliar mineral systems with a global consistent framework and readily available insights.

Align with the energy transition

Confidently expand mineral portfolios while minimizing the carbon footprint

  • Targeted screening: Identify new mineral prospects best aligned with company sustainability strategy using an established globally consistent framework and data to support the identification of critical mineral occurrence.
  • Extract additional value Rapidly evaluate the potential for additional mineralisation at depth near existing sites to leverage established infrastructure and inform asset development.
Digital terrain model
Align with the energy transition

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