The transition to clean energy is expected to unleash unprecedented demand for critical minerals in the coming decades. Meeting this exponential surge in demand will require locating and extracting high-grade mineral systems efficiently, sustainably, and profitably. So how can the mining sector make this process as efficient and as sustainable as possible? The answer is Neftex® Prospect.

We imagine some of you are thinking “Neftex? That’s oil and gas isn’t it?”. That’s certainly true, but here’s the thing, much of the work conducted by Neftex to support the oil and gas industry can also be used by the mining sector to help identify new mineral resources.

Neftex® Prospect - a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud solution, empowers your team to discover and develop the most sustainable mineral projects that will aid the world’s transition to clean energy by leveraging robust global geological frameworks built from data, regional knowledge, and data-driven models. So how does this all come together?

Synchronize & Share Insights

For smooth operations and cost-effective outcomes, everyone needs to be on the same page. Neftex Prospect helps connect data and workflows to seamlessly collaborate in a fully digital, cloud-based environment. This lends itself to enhanced collaboration with informed and collective decision making by providing a solid foundation for understanding the fundamental mineral forming processes using predicative global models built on tectonics, sea level, paleoclimate and geological structure.

Empower Your Team

As more time passes, the experienced hands upon which past success has been built are retiring and there is an ever-increasing need to accelerate learning and fill knowledge gaps in the next generation of mining professionals. Neftex Prospect can help enable your team to help make accurate decisions with a multi-disciplinary digital resource and provides easy access to integrated geoscience information and insights from anywhere - office, at home, or in the field. By augmenting your team with a digital team member, you can help them understand the bigger picture and all potential elements and factors driving mineralization. By setting them up for success, they in turn will help your business thrive.

Drive the Energy Transition

With sustainability at the forefront of people’s minds as we look to the future, the demand for critical minerals will only increase. Neftex Prospect can help expand your portfolio of clean energy minerals by confidently venturing into new frontiers with comprehensive tectonic insights. By leveraging an unparalleled global view of Earth's evolution (over 2 billion years of tectonic content) you can access inputs for mineral system analysis and a targeted screening approach to exploration. By expanding your portfolio of low carbon economy minerals by leveraging the established Neftex® Predictions subsurface framework, you can look deeper and beyond known occurrences and help meet the demands of the energy transition.

Help Build a Sustainable Future for All

Neftex Prospect provides access to robust tools, comprehensive tectonic insights, and integrated workflows to help you efficiently scout for clean energy and low carbon economy mineral systems deep in the subsurface and across new frontiers. By leveraging this unique solution, you can not only seek to optimize performance and increase ROI, you can also play a role in securing energy supplies and creating a sustainable future for all.

To discover more about how Neftex Prospect can help you drive your organisation into a more sustainable future as we navigate the energy transition, check out the latest webinar!


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