Capture & share knowledge across teams

OpenWorks® project data management software allows users to instantaneously share information, insights, and interpretations with people and across locations, enabling asset teams to share a common geological framework for a shared understanding of the subsurface for faster decision making.

Users can effectively manage, access, and analyze a broad range of oilfield project data all within a single database. With data being updated to a single location, any changes to the data of the interpretation are immediately available to all users. Teams can then deliver the best interpretation results with high data integrity while eliminating data duplication and dueling versions of the truth.

The integration of rapidly expanding volumes of data into efficient and accurate identification of well location it’s more essential than ever for teams to manage and share project data easily and efficiently.

Reduce duplication. Save time

The OpenWorks software stores all the shared data, ensuring that all members of an asset team are using the same, up-to-date copy of a given data set. Changes to data are shared dynamically allowing asset teams to make better, faster decisions. And with fewer data sets to manage, maintain and synchronize, you save on IT operational costs.

Access data with ease

The OpenWorks data model offers E&P professionals a broad range of oilfield data in a single database that can connect with Landmark and other vendor applications, and customer proprietary applications. Based on an open platform, OpenWorks provides data to the widest range of E&P applications in the industry.

Deploy with flexibility

OpenWorks can be deployed as stand-alone software as well as multi-user enterprise environments based on individual asset team business needs. An enterprise installation can extend their multi-user environment to include mobility with synchronization, improving collaboration and enhancing team member productivity.


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