Empower your drilling teams to generate technically and economically feasible drilling programs in a matter of few hours with Digital Well Program®, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud solution. Unleash the full potential of an engineer's capability with a web-based, interactive, standardized, and automated solution powered by trusted Engineer’s Desktop™ (EDT™) applications to ensure optimal well design.

Halliburton AkerBP Alliance

Halliburton AkerBP Alliance

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providing the most advanced software and solutions for E&P

Digital Well Program

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Built upon an open architecture, Digital Well Program allows third parties to bring all the relevant information on a single platform and helps provide the flexibility for us to co-innovate alongside you to plan, design, and deliver safe, cost-effective, and productive wells. The workflows are available out of the box and can either be readily implemented or customized to meet your specific needs to accelerate the delivery of a complete well program.

Standardize E&P Workflows

Streamline planning through digitized standardization, and automation of well engineering.

Close the Gaps

Accelerate delivery of the complete well program with fully integrated and automated workflows.

Power of E&P Hybrid Cloud

Shift your well program to a dedicated E&P cloud for improved drilling performance.

SmartDigital® Co-innovation

Create and deploy innovative E&P solutions to accelerate digital transformation.

Plan and Design a Well Today. Start Drilling Tomorrow!

Plan and Design a Well Today. Start Drilling Tomorrow!

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Standardize E&P Workflows

Enhance Decision Making

Arrive at more informed decisions faster with shared access to enterprise knowledge and seamless cross-team collaboration.

Close the Gaps

Optimized Well Operations

Reduce well program design time by up to 80 percent by leveraging fully integrated workflows.

Power of E&P Hybrid Cloud

Versatile & Flexible

Choose from public, private, or hybrid cloud deployment models based on your unique IT infrastructure and data sovereignty needs.

SmartDigital® Co-innovation

Personalize Your Experience

Design custom workflows, connect your own calculations/documents and personalize the UI to your company and project specifications.

Optimize for Efficiency

Improve project management and performance by ensuring standardization and repeatability in the planning process.

Predict Well Operations

Ensure a cost-effective and optimized well design through enhanced decision-making based on multi-scenario analysis.

Connected Well Operations

Seamlessly transfer data and updates from design to execution phase to ensure your teams are working on the latest information.

Lessons Learned

Leverage historical data to identify, document, and share best practices across teams.

Design a Well in Minutes!

Access standardized workflows to rapidly generate and compare multiple designs to find your optimal well design in the shortest time.

Enable Continuous Improvement

Analyze time and resources spent in each step of the well design process (Business Process Management) and leverage the insights to optimize future wells.

Adaptive & Reliable

Simplify operations with a solution that auto scales based on your needs and supports seamless upgrades.

Make Your E&P Data Work for You

Our innovative data science and artificial intelligence solutions can help you extract added value from your E&P data.