Maximize drilling performance

This can be achieved only by taking optimal real-time decisions derived from engineering models, automated rig detection and intelligent prediction of an upcoming event

Real-Time Well Engineering, a DecisionSpace® 365 application helps you maximize drilling performance and optimize operational efficiency through collaborative decision making enabled by connected data, predictive insights, holistic 3D visualization and AI-driven event detection.

Real-Time Well Engineering

Real-Time Well Engineering

decisionspace 365

Reduce well construction cost by 20%

With Real-Time Well Engineering, you can maximize drilling performance, optimize operational efficiency and take collaborative decisions using connected data, predictive insights, AI-driven event detection, and holistic 3D visualization.

Realize value faster

Optimize drilling efficiency through intelligent automation and by accessing a holistic view of your operational and engineering.

  • Drill faster, safely: Empowers rigsite crew and remote office teams with the most relevant insights to maximize ROP and tripping speeds safely.
  • Minimize NPT & ILT: Accelerate tripping speeds and avoid unnecessary trips by using real-time bit wear projection, cost analysis and AI models. 
  • Predict & prevent hazards: Leverage advanced machine learning models, smart alerts and 3D visualization to predict kicks, stuck pipes and loss circulation. 

Stay one step ahead

Predict wellbore and drillstring behavior ahead of time and optimize your plan in real-time to improve efficiency, profitability.

  • Absolute visibility: Visualize all vital wellbore information like hole depth, lithology, bit depth, ROP, flow rate etc. in a holistic 3D view.
  • Adapt in real-time: Recognize deviations from the plan and make real-time adjustments based on changing downhole conditions.
  • Next best action: Get real-time recommendations to enhance drilling efficiency based on your current operational status and engineering parameters.
  • Best of both worlds: Proven and tested physics models are coupled with the latest AI, automation and digital technologies. 

Unlock new efficiencies

Execute lessons learned from previous wells to enhance operational efficiency in real-time and unlock new optimization opportunity.

  • Continuous improvement: Recommends optimal drilling parameters to balance bit/BHA/fluids—for the right combination of transfer weight, hole cleaning, and minimum vibration.
  • Universal data access: Provides every team member with real-time, high-quality data and wellbore insights anytime, anywhere.
  • Optimization opportunities: Predict, and prescribe a better drilling outcome for future wells based on previous data and KPIs.
  • Easy, intuitive interface: Start working with minimal training and guidance with an easy to use, web-based solution. 

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