Derive greater value from your seismic data investment

Increase productivity and reduce project cycle times with SeiSpace® software's comprehensive suite of analysis tools, geophysical algorithms and optimized parallel processing.

  • SeisSpace® Field: With a unique combination of tools to perform quality control of any seismic survey during field acquisition.
  • SeisSpace® VSP: A suite of modules designed specifically for geophysicists working with borehole seismic processing/
  • SeisSpace® 2D: The right set of tools to process and reprocess huge regional 2D lines for geological basin scale seismic interpretation.
  • SeisSpace®3D: Our most comprehensive modules for generating accurate images of 3D subsurface geological targets, providing interactive QC, leading edge algorithms and a developer’s toolkit for innovation.
  • SeisSpace® 4D: Includes several tools necessary to process time-lapse datasets, to generate an accurate volume with the differences observed in time, to monitor the effectiveness of enhance recovery programs with injection in the reservoir (water, gas or CO2) or to just measure depletion zones due to production.

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