Disconnected workflows across subsurface disciplines and the inability to collaborate in real-time cause the subsurface and reservoir engineering teams to spend a lot of time searching for and analyzing high-value log data. 

Efficient Interdisciplinary Workflows

Experience a user-friendly, integrated solution that connects subsurface evaluation and reservoir engineering workflows – for both single and multi-well studies.

Confident Reservoir Characterization

Deliver accurate evaluations of conventional and unconventional reservoirs using a comprehensive range of petrotechnical tools. 

Transform Analysis into Decisions

Reduce uncertainty in complex analyses with a more accurate characterization of rock properties for taking better and improved decisions. 

Interpret well data with speed, efficiency, and accuracy by accessing best-in-class petrotechnical modules and workflows in a single, unified platform with Petrophysics, a DecisionSpace® 365 application. 

Efficient Interdisciplinary Workflows

Integrated Disciplines

Connect petrophysics, geomechanics, rock physics, and other advanced analyses on a single petrophysical platform. 

Confident Reservoir Characterization

Enhance Formation Understanding

Run deterministic or probabilistic workflows to generate accurate petrophysical interpretations for a deeper understanding of subsurface formations. 

Transform Analysis into Decisions

Confident Decisions

Share subsurface data and dynamic models and enable multi-domain collaboration to improve integration between teams, even in complex plays. 

Smart, Scalable & Interactive

Perform single-well to basin-scale analyses on a unified platform with interconnected workflows powered by machine learning.

Smart Interpretations

Apply neural networks, SOM (Self Organizing Maps), and other machine learning approaches to predict continuous logs or discrete zonations. 

Enhanced Data Value

Helps maximize the value of data with accurate and reliable analysis. 

Connected Data

Store, search, and retrieve well data from across the entire field with OpenWorks® project data management system. 

Understand Risk

Apply Monte Carlo simulations to quantify uncertainty on petrophysical deliverables. 

Deliver Accurate Petrophysical Interpretations Rapidly and Efficient

Deliver Accurate Petrophysical Interpretations Rapidly and Efficient

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