Workflows to solve your most complex subsurface imaging, interpretation, and characterization challenges. Includes tools for seismic interpretation, attributes, quantitative interpretation, and seismic processing. Delivered within the industry leading multi-user collaboration and data management environment.

Seismic Interpretation

Provides core seismic interpretation workflows for mapping subsurface geology. The suite of tools enables interpretation of even the most complex geological environments including multi-z structures such as areas of thrust-faults and salt-intrusions. The application enables integrated 2D and 3D seismic interpretations with no limit on the number or size of surveys. Multi-user workflows, from visualization through interpretation, and advanced multi-attribute analysis, enable teams to collaborate efficiently.

Seismic Analysis

Provides the interpreter with advanced geophysical workflows for quantifying and qualifying subsurface challenges. The high-end workflows that make up the Seismic Analysis toolkit are - advanced well-tie, automated seismic balance, prestack seismic and VSP visualization, AVO/AVA analysis and, and prestack seismic horizon auto-picking and analysis.

Seismic Attributes

Provides functionality to calculate complex seismic attributes as well as perform additional postprocessing signal enhancements. Since seismic attributes remain a reliable geophysical approach to understanding the subtle subsurface characteristics and features, this module provides a comprehensive range of poststack volume attribute calculations as well as volume math comparisons and time-depth domain conversions.

GeoProbe® Software

This industry-leading 3D multi-volume interpretation and visualization software is designed to accelerate interpretation workflows from basin scale through detailed prospect and reservoir analysis. Optimized reservoir targets can be quickly and accurately created and defined and can handle 3D volumes up to 45,000 square kilometers.

DecisionSpace® Velocity Modeling Software

Designed to build models that incorporate raw, edited, and interpreted data, as well as existing velocity model information, to create geologically sound velocity models that can function even in the most structurally complex geologic regions. The velocity modelling workflow includes industry leading QC and uncertainty analysis tools which incorporate: well & inter-well data, 2D & 3D seismic data, checkshot & VSP data, and surface & fault data, all integrated within the DecisionSpace® 365 environment of 1D, 2D, 3D, histogram, crossplot, and spreadsheet views.

Gain invaluable insights to reduce subsurface risk and uncertainty.

Gain invaluable insights to reduce subsurface risk and uncertainty.

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