Full-scale Asset Simulation is the industry's first cloud-native, integrated asset modeling application. It allows operators to run advanced reservoir simulations in the cloud, leveraging the “elastic” capability for limitless scalability, computing, modeling, and data storage. It also provides the accuracy and model fidelity needed for complex reservoir studies. 

Endless possibilities

Take full advantage of practically unlimited computing capacity and scalability of the cloud.

New meaning to 24x7

Perform advanced simulations and monitor their progress in real-time, at your convenience, from any connected device.

Increase productivity

Leverage integrated customization enablers to easily integrate with other plug-ins, providing flexibility and choice.

The ability to simultaneously model multiple subsurface reservoir systems with surface facilities in a coupled solution environment is at your fingertips, enabling you to arrive at informed decisions, faster. The open architecture of DecisionSpace® 365 seamlessly integrates with Landmark and third-party tools for a complete, end-to-end workflow that supports your creativity to innovate, collaborate, and drive digital transformation objectives. 

Endless possibilities

Single application for complete asset modeling

Model reservoirs, wells, and surface facilities implicitly at the required level of detail. 

New meaning to 24x7

Global cross-team collaboration

Teams can work on the same model at the same time, despite different geographic locations. 

Increase productivity

Customized workflows

Design workflows and seamlessly integrate other plug-ins via built-in Jupyter notebooks. 

Uncapped scalable computing capacity

Submit large models to multiple nodes, or simultaneously submit multiple jobs, achieving vertical or horizontal scalability. 

Access anywhere, on any device

Being restricted to office computers is a thing of the past. Teams can submit, monitor, and modify simulation jobs at their convenience, from any device.

Smart data warehouse

Categorize models and track changes over time, allowing management of historical models and data, while preventing loss of information.

Maximize production with comprehensive reservoir and field management.

Maximize production with comprehensive reservoir and field management.

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