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ARIES® petroleum economics and reserves software helps comprehensive evaluation of new assets and acquisitions while empowering you with insights to confidently forecast production and assess the detailed impact of price or ownership changes.

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Correct and controlled data

Manage properties and economic data with a highly flexible and extensible data model.  

Comprehensive evaluations

Leverage industry-standard economic simulation coupled with powerful modeling for a complete property value understanding. 

Confident predictions

Forecast with proven, interactive decline curve analysis techniques for accurate production and reserves estimates.

ARIES® petroleum economics and reserves software

The ARIES® Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software can provide comprehensive enterprise-wide property and data management, production, and reserve forecasting (using decline curves or other methods), and proven economic evaluations for operations, engineering, and business teams.

Correct and controlled data

  • Flexible and extensible framework: Built around robust structured data that provides the flexibility to tailor and extend data attributes to match any operation.
  • Streamlined data integration: Open data models enable straightforward integration to reserves ERP, financial systems etc.
  • Maintain project data integrity: Robust data QC tools and project management tools ensure rapid and accurate data updates and edits.

Comprehensive evaluations

  • Helps maximize productivity and efficiency: Achieve more in less time with expert workflows, multi-scenario analysis, and keyword-driven modeling.
  • Robust economic modeling: Comprehensive enterprise-to-property modeling allows analysis of complex, multi-layered scenarios, price forecasts, tax and royalty assumptions in a single platform. 
  • Rapid evaluation at enterprise scale: Evaluate and consolidate thousands of properties in a few minutes using linked price forecasts and economic defaults. 

Confident predictions

  • Accurate forecasting: Intuitive and interactive production forecasting functions including Standard interactive Decline Analysis, Harmonic Hyperbolic, Cartesian etc.
  • Quick and easy reports: Customizable reporting based on over 600 pre-defined reporting streams that can be summarized using standard roll-ups including annual/quarterly/monthly summaries.
  • Access anytime, anywhere: SaaS-based, cloud application help enable easy access from anywhere in the world. 

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