Now you can apply for the Landmark University Grants Program (UGP) to receive software provisioning and training free of charge. Over 200 academic institutions are benefiting from this program, which offers the ability to opt for software deployment through the iEnergy® Cloud.

How it works

Landmark contributes renewable software licenses to qualified academic institutions worldwide. From seismic processing to exploration, drilling, production and beyond, universities use our latest software to:

  • Deliver curricula
  • Support student thesis projects
  • Conduct advanced research

What’s included

Landmark software grants (software provided through the UGP is not intended for commercial use by universities) are evergreen with three-year renewable terms and come with software maintenance and technical support. Additionally, once part of the University Grants Program, the institution will have access to Landmark Learning for training purposes.

Our software licenses are conveniently grouped into bundles based on discipline

Discipline Containing the following Components
Geoscience DSG1, Seispace
Advanced Geoscience
LithoTect, Permedia
Drilling and Completions
DSG1, Hydraulics, Torque and Drag, Compass, Wellplan, Cementing, DS Wellplan, Openwells, EDM, Casingwear, BHA, Casingseat, Stresscheck
Economics Aries
Production Production Manager, Field Manager, DS Production monitoring
Reservoir Management
DSG1, DS Properties, DS Pre-Simulation, Nexus, Powergrid, DMS, Netool
Seismic Processing
DSG1, Seispace, LDI Landmark Depth Imaging plugin

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