The Halliburton ZoneGuard® SR (Short Radius) Bypass openhole packer is designed to provide effective annular zonal isolation in a wide range of oilfield applications with the added ability to allow up to six cable feed-through lines. The ZoneGuard SR Bypass packer includes the same enhanced features as the ZoneGuard SR packer, such as an innovative anti-preset mechanism, upgraded element package with robust backup system, and ample setting range. These features help ensure reliable deployment to target depth and unsurpassed sealing performance in a variety of wellbore conditions. The ZoneGuard SR Bypass packer is ideal for situations in which tight radius well conditions exist, effective isolation is imperative, deployment risks need to be eliminated, and reservoir monitoring and production management is desired.

The ZoneGuard SR Bypass packer is run as an integral part of the production casing or tubing string. The packer is set with hydraulic pressure either by setting a plug beneath the tool, or when plugging the completion string is not possible, by running an isolation straddle tool across the packer. Additionally, the packer’s innovative anti-preset mechanism helps prevent premature setting of the packer during running operations. Once on depth and set, an internal locking mechanism helps ensure the elements remain energized against the wellbore. The ZoneGuard SR Bypass packer design can accommodate up to six 1/4-in. feed-through lines for monitoring of multiple wellbore sections, thus enhancing formation knowledge and reservoir production management. 


  • Innovative design suited for variety of well conditions
  • Bypass for up to six 1/4-in. feed through lines 
  • Anti-preset feature
  • Upgraded element package with robust backup system 
  • Adjustable setting shear value 
  • Internal locking system 
  • Multiple hydraulic setting methods 
  • Pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi 
  • Temperature ratings up to 325°F


  • Provides selective production management in horizontal wellbores 
  • Reliably controls inflow or injection within selected sections of the wellbore
  • Wide range of openhole isolation capabilities with one packer design 
  • Optional setting procedure; either hydraulic, hydrostatic, or hydrostatic-assist

For ZoneGuard SR packer technical specifications view the pdf.

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