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Specific Challenge

Run a high-expansion packer with the difficulty of variability in the hole size

REGION -Asia Pacific REGION -Asia Pacific

Papua New Guinea


An operator wishing to perform an injectivity test encountered difficulty in setting a competitor’s PIP packer

  • Variability in size of the open hole resulted in three failed attempts to set the packer


Halliburton proposed its ZoneGuard HE packer

  • Features high-expansion sealing element 
  • Ideal when large variations in holegauge diameter are anticipated


  • ZoneGuard HE packer was successfully set
  • Reliable zonal isolation established 
  • Operator able to perform injectivity test without any additional NPT


A major operator in Asia Pacific was attempting to run a production injectivity packer (PIP) prior to conducting an injectivity test. After three attempts with another service company’s packer were unsuccessful, the operator turned to Halliburton for a solution. Halliburton proposed the use of its ZoneGuard HE high-expansion packer. Due to the urgency of the request, Halliburton had less than 24 hours to prepare the packer and mobilize it to the customer’s rig-site. The packer was successfully set and held pressure for the duration of the injectivity program. The operation was performed without any non-productive time (NPT) saving the customer from waiting up to seven days for another packer from the competitor. 


In order to gather sufficient reservoir data in an aquifer, an operator in Papua New Guinea planned an injectivity test into the water leg to enable characterization of a reservoir and gain a better understanding of the aquifer’s activity. In preparing the well for the test, the operator began to experience issues with the PIP packer that had been selected for the project. The variability in the openhole size resulted in three unsuccessful attempts to set the packer. 


Halliburton proposed using the ZoneGuard HE isolation packer, which is designed for situations where a high-expansion sealing element is required and when large variations in hole-gauge diameter are anticipated. Since time was of the essence due to the delays setting the PIP packer, the ZoneGuard needed to be quickly mobilized to the rig-site to minimize further downtime. To help further ensure no additional NPT was experienced, Halliburton conducted an immediate global Critical Well Review to review the technical and operations challenges in order to minimize possible risk. 

24 hrs

to prepare and mobilize packer


days saved in waiting time


Non-Productive Time (NPT)


Although the team encountered a tight spot during the operation, the ZoneGuard HE packer was successfully set and provided a competent, reliable seal for zonal isolation. The operator was able to perform injectivity operations without further NPT. The quick delivery, global collaboration and solid isolation provided by the ZoneGuard HE packer allowed the operator to overcome the challenges, and as a result, the operator plans to use ZoneGuard HE packers for all future operations.


Openhole Isolation

High-expansion sealing capabilities for openhole applications

The Halliburton ZoneGuard HE  packer is designed for situations where a high-expansion sealing element is required and when large variations in hole gauge diameter are anticipated.

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ZoneGaurd HE Packer
ZoneGaurd HE Packer

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