The Halliburton ZoneGuard® HE (High-Expansion) packer is designed for situations where a high-expansion sealing element is required and when large variations in hole gauge diameter are anticipated. The packer uses a multi-durometer, multi-element package with a unique back-up and deployment system to deliver industry-leading sealing performance in a large range of open or cased hole diameters in the most challenging wellbore environments. The packer is well suited for zonal isolation in multiple applications such as sand control, production management, stimulation, and stage cementing. 

The ZoneGuard HE packer is run as part of the completion string and can be set either hydrostatically or hydraulically, depending on the well conditions. The hydrostatic-set ZoneGuard HE packer requires a shifting tool to shift an internal sleeve that allows the hydrostatic pressure to enter into the setting chamber and set the packer. The hydraulic-set ZoneGuard HE packer can be set by plugging the tubing below the packer or with an isolation straddle tool to provide hydraulic pressure to the setting chamber. The hydraulic ZoneGuard HE packer can also contain a hydrostatic assist feature, which helps maintain positive pressure on the packer at all times.


  •  Hydrostatic assist feature for positive pressure on element 
  • High-expansion element package 
  • Anti-preset mechanism 
  • Small running OD
  • Adjustable setting shear value 
  • Internal locking system 


  • Provides selective production management in horizontal wellbores 
  • Reliably controls inflow or injection within selected sections of the wellbore
  • Wide range of openhole isolation capabilities with one packer design 
  • Optional setting procedure; either hydraulic, hydrostatic, or hydrostatic-assist

For ZoneGuard HE packer technical specifications view the pdf.

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