The ZoneGuard® FP isolation packer is designed for openhole and cased hole applications where multizone isolation is required for stimulation, fracturing or general production operations. The packer uses a uniquely designed element package with backup and deployment system to deliver consistent sealing performance in a defined range of openhole and cased hole conditions. It features a compact design ideal for short radius well conditions, which is also a benefit in wells where a large number of packers need to be run. The ZoneGuard FP packer is run as an integral part of the production casing or tubing string. The packer is then set by plugging the casing or tubing string below the tool and applying hydraulic pressure from surface.


  • Long-term isolation reliability in horizontal or vertical applications 
  • Small running OD 
  • Compact length for short radius well conditions
  • Multi-piece/multi-durometer element package
  • Adjustable setting shear value 
  • Internal locking system
  • Hydraulic-set


  • Compact and economic design suited for multizone fracturing treatments
  • Enables selective production management in horizontal wellbores
  • Offers the ability to reliably control inflow or injection within selected sections of the wellbore

For ZoneGuard FP packer technical specifications view the pdf.

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