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Retrievable mechanical isolation barrier to provide Immediate well suspension


Central North Sea



Retrievable mechanical isolation barrier to provide:

  • Immediate well suspension
  • Long-term isolation in excess of one year


  • RTTS packer and SSC valve to provide isolation barrier during temporary well suspension


  • Successful set and retrieval of RTTS packer and SSC valve, with zero issues or NPT
  • Downhole barrier with continued integrity for 574 days


During an ongoing abandonment campaign, COVID-19 restrictions led to the sudden suspension of operations, with no known date of return. As a result, the operator needed to immediately suspend and secure the well using a mechanical barrier.

As part of the operation contingency plan, Halliburton provided RTTS® packers and subsurface control (SSC) valves to address various situations that might occur during well abandonment. The RTTS packer and SSC valve combination was safely installed and tested, providing a reliable downhole barrier and maintaining well integrity for 574 days.

When operations resumed, Halliburton recovered the RTTS packer and SSC valve successfully, with zero issues or non-productive time (NPT).


Due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the additional risk to personnel and project HSE, the operator decided to discontinue operations and temporarily suspend the well until work could safely resume. Looming travel restrictions and border lockdowns necessitated expedient equipment deployment and barrier installation to ensure well suspension within the narrow time frame.


The Halliburton 9 5/8-inch RTTS packer run with an SSC valve provides an industry-proven, reliable isolation barrier. Held onboard the rig as contingency, the tools could be quickly deployed, installed and tested to maximize efficiency and secure the well.


year long-term isolation


successful set and retrieval


days of downhole barrier integrity


Halliburton set and retrieved the tools, with zero issues or NPT. The RTTS packer and SSC valve combination delivered a reliable, retrievable mechanical isolation barrier, maintaining integrity during the entire 574-day suspension period. When abandonment operations resumed, a Halliburton service specialist recovered the tools on the first attempt.

Adaptable for use in various applications, as and when needed, this tool combination provided a versatile solution, minimizing the equipment onboard, improving efficiency and maximizing asset value.

3D model of the RTTS packer

RTTS® Packer

Versatile means for testing, treating and squeeze cement operations

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