E&P assets, such as technology, data, and workflows are spread out over multiple teams and systems that make it difficult to have uninterrupted flow of information and visibility over all assets. This presents several significant challenges that impact the ability to make informed decisions.

Keeping up with technology can be expensive and incurs rising IT infrastructure costs, and the manual processes often required to transfer knowledge and data slow down overall workflows. This data is frequently spread out over numerous systems, which can result in data of unknown quality and lineage being incorporated, which may have implications for adhering to data governance objectives. The multiple data types and formats also present a challenge.

The ability to access and use large quantities of data created daily has become increasingly complex and needs to be simplified. This data needs to be connected and integrated to leverage its full value.


The National Digital Resource is an out of the box DecisionSpace® 365 cloud solution that provides a secure digital resource to preserve and protect the national data and promote E&P investments in the country through true digital transformation.

Keep it Simple
Taking control of your data can seem like a daunting and time-consuming prospect. However, the set infrastructure of the National Digital Resource combined with OSDU™ as a Service, means that what used to take months, can now be deployed in weeks. Automated workflows and integrated systems enable the rapid ingestion of new data to grow your digital resource. By leveraging cloud, there are no up-front fees for costly infrastructure, reducing costs by up to 50%.

Protect & Enrich
Your data is perhaps the most valuable asset you have at your disposal. It is therefore essential that you are able to protect and enrich that data to develop a quality, assured, and evergreen digital resource that can be used to promote E&P investments. The National Digital Resource is hosted in a secure cloud environment where it can be preserved, enriched, and accessed for future use. Automated quality control (QC) diagnostics and data tracking help maintain data quality and integrity, and standardized QC measures help yield more predictable results to support superior decision making.

Drive Investment
The National Digital Resource can help transform your ability to drive E&P investments, by providing investors with open yet secure access to your digital resources so they can search and consume information with ease. The user experience lets your data speak for itself with interactive dashboards that support and encourage investors. By establishing strong business relations, you can attract new investments and retain existing investors to further develop market growth.


The National Digital Resource can help preserve physical and digital information assets to optimize the exploitation of national hydrocarbon resources and can help promote investment in E&P activities from international organizations by providing access to high quality information.

It also provides the ability to manage the National Data Set and facilitate data transfer and reporting between key stakeholders, delivering operational value to all areas of the oil and gas industry. This, along with set industry standards and guidelines of engagement between operators and regulators, helps protect your most valuable assets.


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