In a business world that has tight budgetary considerations and travel limitations, getting the right data in front of the right people so they can make informed decisions on which blocks they wish to invest in, is becoming increasingly challenging. To overcome these challenges, the physical data room must transition to the cloud.


Virtual Data Room is a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud solution that helps make data more accessible than ever before by providing a secure virtual workspace to promote and evaluate E&P acquisition and divestment opportunities for fast, cost-effective, and informed decision making.

Secure Global Access
By transitioning virtual data rooms to the cloud, you can access the people and the data required to promote E&P opportunities easily and securely. Investors can be got up and running in just a matter of hours by providing them with secure access from anywhere in the world at any time. What’s more, without the burden of physical infrastructure, the associated costs can be significantly reduced.

Showcase Your Acreage
Whether you are promoting a bidding round or looking to promote farm-in opportunities, Virtual Data Room can be used to showcase your acreage at its best. Using DecisionSpace 365 Software as a Service, you can promote an investment opportunity to a global audience, who can securely access your data from anywhere in the world. Promoting an E&P acquisition and divestment opportunities to the right people at the right time has never been easier.

Virtual Collaboration
The days of jumping on a plane to remote locations are all but gone. With a Virtual Data Room, investors’ in-house expertise can be empowered to make decisions from anywhere in the world. They no longer have to factor in time-consuming and costly travel and can access everything they need to make investment decisions from their own offices, making it easier to collaborate and evaluate opportunities faster.

Comprehensive Toolkit
By providing investors with flexible access to effective tools for subsurface evaluation, they can make faster evaluations and exercise due diligence based on the available data. This is made possible via access to complete and integrated DecisionSpace 365 SaaS solutions which can help investors make informed decisions about acquisition opportunities.


Setting up a data room has never been easier or more cost effective. By leveraging cloud technology infrastructure, costs are dramatically reduced, and the Virtual Data Room can be up and running in just a matter of hours. By making data convenient to access, informed decisions can be made easily and quickly which help forge closer and mutually beneficial business relations.


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