Over the last decade, oil and gas companies have understood the need to embrace cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to remain competitive in a changing industry. In fact, most of them have started multiple machine learning projects but are struggling to transform the deluge of data that exists across their E&P lifecycles into production-ready AI models that help drive actual business value.

The key impediments to this process are dark and siloed data, scarcity of technical talent, lack of domain-centric AI and ML models, and stringent data security protocols. Moreover, data science teams spend nearly all their time on data integration, accessibility, and engineering rather than creating and deploying production-ready AI models. Hence, businesses need a solution that provides transformative intelligence at scale, with enterprise capability. is the leading E&P-specific solution that helps provide a resolution to the industry’s data transformation challenges by connecting development, data, and machine learning together with known models.

Overcome Industry Challenges to Design, Develop, and Deploy​ AI Models at Scale​ with helps provide enterprise capability and scale by empowering businesses to rapidly train pre-built AI models or create and deploy innovative machine learning solutions into operations to enhance subsurface, drilling, and production workflows with unified DataOps, simpler MLOps, and streamlined DevSecOps.​ Built on an open architecture, the solution provides a simple and secure environment that helps companies bring their own data and tools to create and deploy computational models with citizen scientists at the centre. is cutting-edge and cloud-native, and offers several capabilities to get started on developing and consuming AI/ML solutions. Its self-service model means that you can access all solutions and workflows from a browser window – anytime, anywhere.

Figure 1: Enhance your E&P workflows with unified DataOps, simpler MLOps, and streamlined DevSecOps

Model Management: Drive Innovation with Smarter AI Models

The Model Management capability of helps accelerate your E&P operations with production-ready, domain-specific AI/ML models. It also helps you to create, train, and manage custom models within DecisionSpace® 365 applications to solve unique challenges. You can choose from proven and production-ready models that are preloaded in the system and use your data to rapidly train these models and deploy them into production. This includes free and commercially available models from the community as well as application models.

Faster Project Go Lives helps you leverage emerging technologies like AI, ML, and automation to deploy new and innovative solutions faster across your entire oil well lifecycle. Optimizing and streamlining your workflows was never this easy, or seamless.

Increased Productivity with Advanced Automation
With automated model training, inference pipeline, and the capability to supplement in-house domain models with external training algorithms, helps accelerate the deployment of tailored ML solutions to your E&P operations.

Reduced Uncertainties with Explainable AI offers bias-free, explainable AI and ML models that help you make accurate predictions. This helps mitigate risks and brings down uncertainties across the entire oil well lifecycle.

Figure 2: Make accurate predictions and mitigate risks with

Data Catalog: Embrace Efficiency with a Unified View of Your Data

With the Data Catalog capability, you can bid farewell to the long-standing problem of securely combining your private data with curated public data for development. This will help unlock the full potential of your data through seamless multi-database search, cross-domain data integration, and best-in-class data management to fuel E&P innovation. Users can quickly search within public and private data with easy search, filter, and visualization – whether in the cloud, on-premises, or with OSDUTM Data Platform.

A Single Unified View of Your Data
Robust enterprise data management helps connect multiple databases via an open-source search engine for quick, easy access to the most up-to-date information with built-in QC functions. This allows for a single, unified view of your data for in-depth analysis.

Complete & Comprehensive Insight
A unified data front is just the beginning – for it helps pave the way for a complete, 360-degree control of your data. With’s Data Catalog capability, you can get the complete picture of all your processes by converging data from third-party and cross-domain applications seamlessly with full-fledged OSDU Data Platform compliance.

Smarter Decisions with Multi-Domain Collaboration
What do you get when you collate data and analyze it thoroughly? Accurate and smarter decisions! helps drive process efficiency through multi-domain collaboration and access to data of known quality in real-time. This helps maximize your asset value.

Extend & Scale Your AI Workflows
Smart decisions drive optimal productivity. With, you can leverage advanced machine learning technologies to produce known quality data that can be consumed by analytics platforms such as AWS SageMaker, Azure ML, and P7.

Figure 3: Landmark's proven and trusted track record in deploying successful AI and Machine Learning projects

Digital-First Organization: Transform Your E&P Talent helps empower your workforce to build an agile, digital-first organization capable of adapting quickly to changing market scenarios.

Transform Dark Data into Insights
With, you can rapidly develop the talent required to leverage emerging technologies in digital and data science. This will help you negate dark data challenges within your E&P lifecycle.

Quickly Adapt to Industry Dynamics helps you embrace the industry dynamics quickly, facilitating seamless learning and adapting. This in turn, will help you nurture an agile, digital-first workforce that can confidently navigate uncertainty and market fluctuations.

Accelerate Technology Innovation with Custom Models
Collaborate with Landmark and learn how AI/ML can enhance your exploration portfolio management to make a tangible impact on your E&P business. You can use’s production-ready models as they are or build and deploy your own AI solutions. The custom model capability is integrated with both our Data Catalog (for data selection) as well as our Model Management (for publishing and sharing models) capabilities. provides you with the standard data science tools such as Python, Jupyter Notebook and Sagemaker Studio, but along with that, it also allows you to bring the tool and libraries of your choice to create tailored solutions. We have provided a few quick start tutorials to familiarize users with the training, inference, and deployment pipelines in

Figure 4: We offer comprehensive training, and guidance to accelerate AI adoption within your workforce

Experience Transformative Intelligence for E&P with merges Landmark’s in-depth E&P expertise with our robust data science capabilities to bridge the gap between ideation and consumption for delivering business value to the end-users more quickly. The solution delivers industry-specific artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, and increase asset value across the entire E&P lifecycle. It is built on the OSDU Data Platform, integrating environments wherever you operate by:

  • Providing the tools and services you need to develop, deploy, and manage AI/ML models across their lifecycle on OSDU Data Platform, and
  • Ingesting and curating the data ready for AI/ML, whether they are in public datasets, your secure private datasets on OSDU Data Platform.

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