Mature Fields

Specific Challenge

Scale removal in a carbonate gas producing well


Middle East


  • FeS scales in carbonate gas producing wells are an increasing problem 
  • Customer was looking for a solution to recover production without, if possible, use a rig to recomplete the well 
  • In addition, the reservoir pressure is low on this field and preventing normal circulation of fluid
  • Well is completed with a long horizontal open hole, making any isolation difficult


  • 3 step approach to recover the maximum well potential:
  1. Produce zone isolation with Temblok 80™ diverting liquid
  2. Mechanically clean out the scale with 2.375” CT, a turbine motor to generate a pilot hole, and Halliburton’s Slow Rotating Hydrablast™ jet tool
  3. RIH and perform a nitrified SurgiFrac NWB™ treatment with 26% CSA (HCl) to increase well production and flowing BHP, and reduce scale deposition


  • The temporary isolation and scale cleanout were completed successfully in rigless 
  • Gas production increased from 5 MMSCFD to 27.5 MMSFD


MMSFD Increase in Gas Production