Specific Challenge

Provide well data collection in real time and eliminate the need for dummy runs


Middle Eastern Oil Fields, Middle East


  • Eliminate need for dummy runs, while also reducing operational time and costs related to string cycling 
  • Increase data reliability without the moving elements found in spinners 
  • Avoid the extra runs, unreliable data, and NPT that were contributing to loss of revenue


  • SPECTRUM® real-time coiled tubing services to gather data with fiber-optic DTS diagnostics 
  • THM software to process and analyze the DTS data


  • Saved approximately 25 percent in time and approximately 20 percent in costs 
  • Eliminated dummy runs and string cycling 
  • Monitored data for 30 continuous hours 
  • Delivered more precise profile data for better decision making 


A horizontal well in the Middle East was successfully logged by fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) coil injection profile technology from SPECTRUM® real-time coiled tubing services, which provided 30 hours of continuous data monitoring in a single trip downhole, with no string cycling. The customer gained an estimated time savings of 25 percent and an estimated cost savings of 20 percent, compared to past projects. 

In Middle Eastern oil fields, production logging tools (PLTs), spinner sensitivity, and non-productive time (NPT) contribute to the high cost of production. Because of this, dummy runs are always requested to verify the wellbore accessibility prior to running with PLTs.


in Time Saved


in Cost Savings

Halliburton Recommends Spectrum Diagnostic Services 

SPECTRUM® real-time coiled tubing services use fiber-optic DTS diagnostics for more accurate data collection in real time. The DTS data is processed using Halliburton thermo-hydraulic model (THM) software for fluid allocation decisions and injection flow analysis. 

This approach eliminated the need for dummy runs, reducing operational time and costs related to string cycling. It also increased data reliability without the moving elements found in spinners. 

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