With governments and organizations throughout the world committing to net zero emission targets by 2050, momentum is building around efforts and pathways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has identified Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as an effective way to contain carbon emission until we fully transition to cleaner energy sources. However, finding suitable CO2 storage sites and understanding their capacity, injectivity, and containment capabilities for long-term storage remains a major challenge. This challenge is further compounded by the lack of a unified solution that models and simulates the entire CO2 storage lifecycle - from site selection to simulation and long-term storage - in a single environment.

A Trusted Partner in Your Journey to Net Zero

CO2 Storage is a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud solution that helps address these issues by offering clear and comprehensive visibility into key factors that can influence the storage of CO2 in the subsurface over geological time spans. The unified and scalable solution provides end-to-end CO2 storage modeling capabilities while offering you the freedom to extend and expand its capabilities as your project evolves.

Let’s look at how Halliburton Landmark’s CO2 Storage solution helps you strategize and implement safe CO2 storage projects on any scale, across any time span with comprehensive capacity and containment feasibility insights and in-depth uncertainty assessment.

Get to Net Zero, Faster!

The CO2 Storage solution is designed to help you make accurate and confident decisions faster! Get started on your journey to tackle CO2 sequestration challenges with built-in, industry-recognized assessment tools, that help you to quickly evaluate long-term containment potential using intelligent screening and rapid assessment workflows. And finally, the simulation tools offered by CO2 Storage provide high-resolution models, with ultra-fast run times for modeling scales from regional storage sites to wellbore.

More Insight, Less Uncertainty

CO2 Storage offers a complete suite of workflows that can help you optimize lifecycle efficiency and reduce uncertainty across all phases of a CO2 storage project. Start by accessing robust insights into geological controls on storage unit viability. The solution is designed to help you gain increased clarity on key properties that control CO2 plume migration and trapping mechanisms. To further ensure the long-term integrity of both the seal and reservoir, the solution allows seamless integration of monitoring and flow tracking data.

Many Challenges, One Quest

Unlike traditional CO2 simulators, CO2 Storage offers an industry-validated suite of tools that are designed to solve unique challenges around CO2 storage site prospecting, injection, and storage simulation. One of the biggest challenges with CO2 storage is to understand and analyze the fate of the injected CO2. Our solution can handle 3D grids of hundreds of millions of cells to enable high-resolution modeling of heterogeneous rocks while retaining high data fidelity – a key requirement for understanding how the CO2 plume will behave in the subsurface. Moreover, CO2 Storage also offers comprehensive insights around flow physics, rock volume, rock heterogeneity, scale, data density, and time to help further reduce challenges around modeling the subsurface.

To find out more about how CO2 Storage solution provides an evergreen view of the carbon storage lifecycle and accelerates your multi-year journey to net zero, contact us today!


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