Mature Fields

Specific Challenge

Provide the operator with an HPS solution for a major milestone for the company


Saskatchewan, Canada



  • Continuous pumping at high flow, low pressure 
  • Delivery and commissioning on tight project budget and timeline 
  • Failure could cost millions and harm SECURE’s reputation through breach of contract


  • Three Summit ESP® horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps designed to run with one hot spare
  • Intelligent switching between pumps after scheduled system downtime to keep run hours equal across pumps 
  • Summit ESP® gold standard service


  • No pump initiated downtime since commissioning 
  • Exceptional service ensures shorter lead times, less downtime, faster service 
  • All SECURE client contracts have been met


When SECURE Energy Services decided to expand its midstream infrastructure coming out of the Viking formation, the company needed a pumping system it could trust. The new pump station is adjacent to the existing Kindersley full-service terminal and the pipeline connects to the mainline in Kerrobert. The pumping station is critical to the successful movement of oil from the field to Eastern Canada and export markets. This project was a major milestone for the company. 


SECURE needed to expand its midstream infrastructure to serve customers in the Kindersley-Kerrobert region of Saskatchewan. The project, which included gathering lines and 26 kilometers (16 miles) of pipeline, depended on reliable pumping and had a tight budget and timeline. Any significant schedule delay could have been catastrophic for SECURE. To be successful, the company needed reliable pumps that were optimized to handle a wide flow range and move light oil to the mainline in Kerrobert. 


After thorough analysis, SECURE selected Summit ESP® – A Halliburton Service for its pumping equipment based on quality of service and support. Reliability was key to project success and an attribute that SECURE knew it could count on, given its previous experience working with Summit ESP on a variety of other projects. The new pumping station was outfitted with three horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps, each capable of pumping 37,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE/D). The system is currently configured to run two pumps at 50 percent capacity, with a third pump as a full standby. The pumps are run in a rotation, so that all three pumps have equal pumping time. Volume is expected to increase to 65,000 BOE/D within a year. The station can expand to a four-pump configuration as demand grows. “Summit ESP has been very responsive and easy to work with throughout the procurement and design stages of this job,” said Lori Smith, project manager at SECURE. “We selected the pumps for the wide flow range, for their capability to deliver on a variable frequency drive, budget, and schedule, and for the strong support we’ve received in the past. Summit has been extremely responsive in helping us specify and optimize our installation of pumps to great success.”


Pump Initiated Downtime Since Commissioning


Barrels of Oil Moved in First 6 Weeks


The assembled pumps were onsite and fully installed within five months. The overall project was completed on time and on budget. Pre-commission and final alignment were completed in late April 2018. Commissioning and handover to operations were completed in late August 2018. Summit ESP® pumps moved more than one million barrels of oil in the first six weeks. SECURE relies on Summit ESP for continuous operation. The company’s experience from previous projects gave it confidence that Summit ESP horizontal pumping systems would deliver the lowest maintenance cost and optimal flow rate. Compromising on efficiency and reliability would have jeopardized SECURE customer relationships and potentially involved breach of contract. Summit ESP pumps are the linchpin in the system, according to the project manager. “These were the easiest oil transfer pumps I have ever turned on,” said Miles Miller, senior project manager at SECURE. “Everything ran smoothly, from the customer service to the technician onsite setting up, aligning the pumps, and being there for startup.”

About SECURE Energy Services Inc.

SECURE is a TSX publicly traded integrated energy business with midstream infrastructure, environmental and technical solutions divisions providing industry leading customer solutions to upstream oil and natural gas companies operating in Western Canada and certain regions in the United States.