Gulf of Mexico



  • Operators traditionally require use of multiple vessels in order to transfer more than 25,000 barrels of fluid to the wellsite


  • Halliburton's engineered solutions included using SeaQuest with ScaleFightR to eliminate the need for extra supply vessels


  • Eliminate customer's need for extra supply vessels to transport frac fluid
  • Reduce costs by more than 1M USD
  • Reduce fluid waste


Halliburton’s Gulf of Mexico Team is continuing its scale inhibition success with ScaleFightRTM.

The field operations team implemented another solution combining SeaQuest with ScaleFightR.  This combination of technologies merges Halliburton’s seawater-based fracturing fluid system, SeaQuest, and scale inhibition chemical technology, ScaleFightR, in order to overcome the technical challenges of sea water and barium-rich formations, even for extended shut-in periods.


Traditionally, Gulf of Mexico operators have used freshwater-based fracturing fluids to stimulate reservoirs. These large treatments require the use of multiple vessels in order to transport more than 25,000 barrels of fluid to the wellsite.

Using SeaQuest with ScaleFightR for the fracturing fluid eliminated the need for extra supply vessels, allowing the Halliburton Team to complete these treatments without any additional re-supply. 

This technology has world-wide applications to reduce CO2 emissions and streamline operational logistics in remote areas.  


Halliburton's successful implementation of SeaQuest with ScaleFightR not only eliminated the customer’s need to use additional supply vessels to transport frac fluid, the team was also able to reduce the customer’s costs by more than $1M, streamline logistics to drive efficiencies in time and processes, reduce fluid waste, and cut CO2 emissions.

Recognizing Collaboration

Key to Halliburton's solutions for our customers is collaboration. It is one of our core values, and this solution is a strong example of it. Our subject matter experts worked alongside our customers to successfully implement this application.

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