Gulf of Mexico



  • An operator in the Gulf of Mexico wanted to optimize performance and meet cost objectives


  • Halliburton's engineered solution included implementing a FracPac with a proprietary scale squeeze chemical, ScaleFightR


  • Reduced operator's cost by 20% by decreasing material costs, damage to formation and rig time
  • Protected the well's production for an additional year compared to incumbent
  • Experts put in place to predict future scale squeeze treatments and provide recommendations to maintain production levels


Halliburton’s Gulf of Mexico Team successfully implemented a FracPacTM with ScaleFightRTM, a scale squeeze chemical technology, to help the operator reduce spend  and exceed performance objectives.

Halliburton is helping operators meet scale challenges by integrating ScaleFightR solutions for use in stimulation applications.

ScaleFightR technology is the utilization of Halliburton’s leading scale inhibition technologies within our stimulation systems.  These scale inhibition technologies are stringently tested in Halliburton’s gel systems in order to reduce operator costs and improve production.


In its first application, ScaleFightR not only reduced this major operator’s cost of stimulation by 20%, it also decreased material costs, damage to formation and rig time. The technology will also protect the well’s production for an additional year compared to the previous treatment method.  

Halliburton's specialty chemical experts are now analyzing production chemistry results in order to predict when future scale squeeze treatments are necessary and are providing recommendations to maintain production for 18 months.

Recognizing Collaboration

The collaboration with the customer and Halliburton's laboratory personnel and field operations (Stimulation Team) was instrumental in the success of this application. Together, these teams effectively executed a new methodology to introduce this innovative technology.

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