The Ovidius expanding isolation system is a new annular barrier packer that transforms from an engineered metal alloy to a rock-like material when it reacts with downhole fluids, creating a long-lasting seal for improved well integrity. Through innovations in Material Science, the Ovidius system packer can perform in extreme-temperature and pressure environments, providing superior isolation and anchoring for the life of the well. Robust, simple, and flexible, the Ovidius isolation system is ideal for cased-hole, openhole well isolation, high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT), and permanent plug and abandonment (P&A) operations with future applications in geothermal, multilateral, multistage fracturing, and recompletion operations.

Reduced risk while running in hole

Reaching target depth is the first measure of success for an annular barrier packer. With its slim OD, robust metal alloy construction, and no moving parts, the Ovidius isolation system simplifies run-in-hole operations and helps reduce risk. The ability to rotate and circulate as needed provides operators additional flexibility during deployment.

Unmatched operational flexibility 

 Solving the most difficult anchoring and isolation challenges extends beyond high differential pressure ratings. The modular slip-on design of the Ovidius system also simplifies logistics. In addition, the engineered metal alloy can be machined to work with uncommon casing geometries. Extensive laboratory testing has shown compatibility with common water-based fluid systems and resistance to H2S and CO2. 

Superior sealing and anchoring performance

The Ovidius isolation system is capable of providing differential pressure ratings up to 17,500 psi. and anchoring forces in excess of 500,000 pounds. The packer does not rely on elastomeric seals; the engineered metal alloy becomes the seal. As a result, the Ovidius system has been proven to handle high-pressure and temperature swings without failure. With its high-expansion ratio and thermal stability rated up to 570°F, the Ovidius isolation system offers long-term sealing and anchoring stability in the most extreme downhole environments.


  • Simple deployment without the need to manipulate at surface, enables reaching target depth every time
  • Continuous reaction over time forms a compliant and reliable seal that withstands washouts, HP/HT cycling, and high-anchoring forces to deliver maximum reliability
  • Sets in high-salinity environments and water-based mud (WBM) systems, providing long-term stability
  • Delivers unmatched versatility for deployment in a wide-range of applications


  • Rated up to 17,500-psi differential pressure
  • Rated up to 500,000-pounds anchoring force
  • Differential pressure testing with 225°F temperature swing
  •  Thermally stable up to 570°F 
  • 3-foot Slip-on elements » Over 80% expansion capability
  • Less than 24 hours setting time
  • No elastomers and no moving parts 
  • Machining of components for uncommon geometries
  • Spliceless feed-through capability 
Ovidius™ expanding isolation system provides well integrity in cased-hole and openhole isolation, HP/HT and high-salinity environments, and permane
Ovidius™ expanding isolation system provides well integrity in cased-hole and openhole isolation, HP/HT and high-salinity environments, and permane

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