Specific Challenge

Reduce inefficiencies and increase drilling performance


Middle East


A major operator worked with Halliburton Sperry Drilling in a joint effort towards achieving ultimate drilling performance, and together continue to yield positive results. They primarily wanted to reduce invisible lost time (ILT) due to inefficiencies, as well as to increase on-bottom drilling performance. 

Following a Lessons Learned workshop, rigorous engineering design, and proper execution, the latest 16-in. section in the project has been successfully drilled from vertical to a final inclination of 10° with great azimuthal control. This was accomplished using a Geo-Pilot® 9600 rotary steerable system (RSS), combined with a gyro and PDC bit bottomhole assembly (BHA) and facilitated by the new kick-off-mode algorithm.

In addition, as part of enhanced performance delivery and using the GeoPilot 9600 RSS for the same field, Halliburton Sperry Drilling has set a new daily-footage record of 1,676 ft (511 m) for the 16-in. section, surpassing the previous record by 5% for the type of rig assigned. The next technical challenge in the 16-in. section will involve building from vertical to 35°, using the same RSS technology and BHA configuration to deliver flawless azimuthal positioning in a complex, anti-collision environment. 

Results like these continue to place Sperry Drilling as the contractor of choice for introducing innovative techniques to reduce well times in challenging projects, maximizing asset value for the operator.


Final Inclination


Above previous daily footage record


Daily footage