Specific Challenge

Successfully drill a long lateral section of 5,010 ft. in s-shaped well


Northwestern Federal District, Russia


  • Drill an S-shaped well through the hard bedrock of the Silurian formation
  • Design a drill bit tool to improve ROP and steerability with the goal to efficiently reach TD in fewer runs than in the past


  • GeoTech® Cruzer™ depth-of-cut rolling element
  • Halliburton 8-5∕8 in. GTD65DMU fixed cutter drill bit


  • Drilled 5,010 feet (1527 meters) at 43 feet/hour (13 meters/hour) in an S-shaped well to TD
  • Improved tool-face control and steerability with reduced bit wear, as evidenced by dull condition upon POOH
  • Increased ROP by 50 percent, completing the job in just one run and in 13 days less than typical
  • Set new benchmark as fastest run compared to offset wells drilled in the area


A major customer in Russia’s Northwestern Federal District was faced with having to drill an S-shaped well through the hard bedrock of a Silurian formation in the Komi Republic, one of Russia’s largest and oldest oil provinces. The Silurian is a geologic period spanning 24.6 million years – from the end of the Ordovician Period 443.8 million years ago (Mya) to the beginning of the Devonian Period 419.2 Mya. 

Previously drilled offset production sections typically required two to three runs, using various motorized bottomhole assemblies (BHAs). This job, however, called for a more sophisticated tool with better steerablity and rate of penetration (ROP) to successfully navigate the curves and reach total depth (TD). The main concern was a long lateral section of 5,010 feet (1,527 meters), for which the operator decided to try a new directional drilling solution recommended by Halliburton Drill Bits and Services. Specifically, a Cruzer™ depth-of-cut rolling element was added on to the Halliburton 8-5∕8 in. GTD65DMU fixed cutter drill bit. This turned out to be the right decision, as the shoe-to-shoe interval – from 7,454 feet (2,272 meters) to 12,465 feet (3,799 meters) TD – was drilled in just one run with the enhanced feature, which increased ROP while providing the directional driller more precise control.

New Technology Makes a Difference 

The GeoTech Cruzer technology was developed for controlling the depth of cut without taking energy away from the cutting structure. This depth-of-cut rolling element helps maximize ROP, while delivering better tool-face control, thus ensuring that intervals are drilled consistently on target. In this Komi region field test, the tool lived up to its reputation, enabling the operator to set a new benchmark as the fastest run of any offset wells drilled in the area at 43 feet/hour (13 meters/hour). It also demonstrated impressive steerability and ROP in sliding mode at 33 feet/hour (10 meters/hour), which is two times faster compared to the offset wells’ performance.

Overall, the field ROP was increased by as much as 50 percent, saving the project more than 13 days and associated costs. Finally, the bit was pulled out of hole (POOH) in excellent dull condition, thanks to its abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and thermal mechanical integrity – allowing the operator to utilize an aggressive cutting method with improved control and steerability. 


Feet per hour drilled - a new benchmark fastest run


Increase in ROP


Days and associated costs saved


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