Mature Fields


Drill through a harsh, abrasive, and high-temperature environment


Kaolinite Siltstone Formation



Improve drilling performance in hard, abrasive, high-temperature formationand reduce costs


System matched engineered drilling solution: 

  • Turbopower turbodrill and diamond impregnated bits


  • Drilled 2,286 ft. (693 m) at double the previous ROP
  • Reduced well time by delivering the well ahead of schedule and accelerating well production by 15.5 days, saving the operator approximately USD $450,000


In the western desert of Egypt, an operator drilled a gas well through the very hard, abrasive, and high-temperature kaolinite siltstone formation. The well proved to be one of the most challenging high-temperature applications. The operator challenged Sperry Drilling to drill the 6-inch vertical section of the S-shaped well faster, safer, and on target through the formation.

Harsh environment threatens wellbore quality and production

Harsh and abrasive formations are known to cause slow rates of penetration (ROPs) and tool failure when using conventional drilling motors, but adding high temperatures can cause excessive tool failure and internal elastomer components to fail. A previous service company fell 105 feet (32 meters) short of the planned target depth (TD) in the 8-1/2-inch section, so this distance would need to be included when drilling the 6-inch section.

Engineered drilling solution helped drill farther and faster in harsh environment

Through reservoir insight, Sperry Drilling engineered a reliable and resilient drilling solution that provided the desired ROP in the harsh, abrasive, and high-temperature environment while reducing well time and costs. The Sperry Drilling team designed a matched system of a 4-3/4-inch Turbopower turbodrill with diamond impregnated bits. The all-metal design of the turbine allows operation in ultra-high temperatures (up to 572°F/300°C). With no elastomers to break down, longer runs can be delivered with consistent power, and nonproductive time (NPT) relating to failures is minimized. The diamond impregnated bits resist wear in abrasive formations, resulting in longer life and reduced tripping for bit wear. The solution included 5-15/16-inch bottom sleeve stabilizers, 5-7/8-inch mid-body stabilizers, and a bendable housing set to zero degrees to help maintain verticality. The durability of the matched system keeps the bit on bottom drilling continuously, thus avoiding costly trips from bit and mud motor wear.


feet drilled


USD saved


days saved

Sperry Drilling reduces well time and accelerates production schedule

The first-ever application of the Halliburton Turbopower turbodrills in Egypt allowed Sperry Drilling to drill the 6-inch vertical hole to a TD of 17,717 feet (5,400 meters) in just four runs. This depth included an additional 722 feet (220 meters) to reach a more promising target identified through formation evaluation. The Sperry Drilling team drilled 2,286 feet (693 meters) at an average ROP of 7.11 feet/hour (2.17 meters/hour).

The results of using the matched drilling engineered solution in this harsh, abrasive, and  high-temperature formation exceeded all customer expectations. Sperry Drilling successfully delivered more footage than originally planned at more than double the ROP with ZERO NPT. Sperry Drilling helped the operator maximize asset value by delivering the well ahead of schedule, allowing the customer to accelerate well production by 15.5 days and saved USD $450,000 in drilling costs.


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