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  • Operator needed a more cost-effective friction reducer for completing new wells
  • Any new solution needed to avoid oversaturating the reservoir with excess polymers


  • Multi-Chem proposed a field trial using FightR™ EC-17, a proprietary product designed to be used in fresh water and brines with low total dissolved solids
  • The field trial resulted in better viscosity at lower treating pressures and lower chemical volumes


FightR EC-17 outperformed the incumbent friction reducer by:

  • Lowering treating pressures thereby shortening stage time
  • Reducing friction reducer volumes by 5 to 10 percent
  • Saving the customer more than $125,000


A major Eagle Ford operator was looking to lower their cost to treat with a high-viscosity friction reducer in Karnes County but was concerned with oversaturating the reservoir with excess polymer during completions activity. Multi-Chem proposed a new chemical that significantly reduced costs compared to the competitor’s incumbent product while avoiding any oversaturation of the reservoir.


Friction reduction chemicals are a key element in most frac jobs due to their ability to minimize friction between stimulation fluids and the wellbore and improve proppant transport.

High viscosity friction reducers (HVFR) can be used at lower doses compared to conventional options. However, HVFRs have higher polymer activity, which can accumulate and reduce the permeability of the proppant pack.

The South Texas operator was looking to mitigate this risk but also get improved friction reduction performance than the incumbent chemical was providing. Multi-Chem proposed a field trial using FightR™ EC-17, a proprietary HVFR designed to be used in fresh water and brines with low total dissolved solids.


Multi-Chem’s technical professional spent two weeks on site to assess the system and conduct a field trial. The evaluation included water analysis, flow loop tests, understanding viscosity profiles and elasticity. He remained on site during the trial to monitor operations and provide real-time recommendations to optimize chemical usage based on changing pressure and adjust injection points to increase efficiency during rig up operations.

FightR™ EC-17 is able to achieve better results due to its ability to hydrate and reduce pipe friction at lower-than-expected concentrations. This allows the operator to save on chemical costs but also achieve max rate faster at lower pressures. Since being introduced to the market in 2021, FightR EC-17 has been widely adopted by various operators in South Texas and is also being used in other basins.


After a successful field trial, the operator began using Multi-Chem’s HVFR exclusively on new wells in the field. The new program enabled them to complete stages at lower treating pressures while reducing friction reducer volumes by 5 to 10 percent, thus minimizing polymer exposure in the reservoir.

Since implementing the FightR EC-17 program, the operator has completed more than 1,500 stages, translating to $125,000 in savings compared to the previous program.

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