Specific Challenge

Set RBPs to isolate wellbore sections

Region - Middle East Region - Middle East


Region - Middle East


  • Set RBPs to isolate wellbore sections
  • Overcome well restrictions and safely retrieve RBPs


  • Model 3L RBP with robust overshot design


  • Model 3L RBPs functioned as designed
  • Competent personnel washed down and guided the work string past restrictions, successfully retrieving the RBPs


Extensively used within the industry, Halliburton Model 3L retrievable bridge plugs (RBPs) provide a proven, reliable barrier to isolate and protect wellbore sections. During separate operations for major operators in the Middle East, Halliburton utilized Model 3L RBPs to isolate specific sections of the wellbore. The result demonstrated the robustness and reliability of the Model 3L RBPs after retrieval of both plugs in challenging well conditions where lesser plugs might have faltered.


After setting, the Model 3L RBPs remained in the wellbore to provide an isolation barrier. However, operators encountered well restrictions caused by debris while running in hole with the overshot to retrieve the assemblies.


With a proven ability to function in the most challenging wellbores, Halliburton often recommends the Model 3L RBP as a barrier during operations that require spotting sand above the plug. The robust design of the Model 3L RBP overshot allows for high circulating rates and volumes through the overshot and on top of the plug to achieve cleanout velocities. To help ensure safe retrieval and service quality, Halliburton personnel with appropriate training and skills performed the operation.

Debris circulated out from above the  Model 3L RBP prior to retrieval.
Debris circulated out from above the Model 3L RBP prior to retrieval.


Halliburton tool operators washed down and maneuvered the work string past the restrictions, latched onto, unset and retrieved the RBPs in the same run, minimizing rig time and costs and maximizing asset value. During both operations, the Model 3L RBPs operated as designed despite the challenging conditions, with significant debris above the plugs cleaned out of the well, including one plug wrapped in approximately 40 inches of encapsulated control line.


Model 3L Retrievable Bridge Plug

Rugged and reliable sealing

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Debris packed off around the Model 3L RBP after retrieval.
Debris packed off around the Model 3L RBP after retrieval.

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