Deep Water

Specific Challenge

Form a plan to exit a conductor pipe partition system (CPPS) with a BHA


Offshore Indonesia



Exiting a conductor pipe partition system (CPPS) with a directional bottomhole assembly (BHA) was critical for field development of a multiwell platform offshore Indonesia. This would ensure optimum use of the existing platform to reduce well time. Detailed job planning and collaboration between the operator and Halliburton Sperry Drilling helped to enable a flawless CPPS exit and drill additional surface holes. 

The plan included several steps, as follows:  

  • A gyro survey and anti-collision check with nearby offset wells to make sure no well was hindering the conductor path  
  • Multiple anti-collision simulations for various scenarios and determination of tolerance – go-no/go zones  
  • Gyro run in the tubing to determine CPPS orientation  
  • Exiting two wellbores with sufficient clearance between them and with other offset wells on the platform  
  • Careful monitoring while running in hole with directional BHA  
  • Survey update of one leg and anti-collision scans re-run for the second leg 

Halliburton Sperry Drilling provided support to the operator in job planning, coordinating, and executing the CPPS exit, working alongside well planners and directional drillers on the rig—from the start of the project to completion of the second leg. Under the same contract, six wells were drilled safely using this CPPS exit procedure, maximizing asset value for the operator.