Deep Water

Specific Challenge

Blowout preventer (BOP) maintenance before installing completion systems


Baku, Azerbaijan



  • Provide a reliable V0 retrievable bridge plug to perform a full BOP maintenance operation before installing upper completion equipment


  • Intercept retrievable bridge plug, which complies with API 11D1 Grade V0 standards


  • Achieved successful installation and retrieval of Intercept RBP, enabling the operator to successfully complete its BOP maintenance


TOTAL E&P Absheron, operating on behalf of JOCAP in Azerbaijan, needed a reliable retrievable bridge plug (RBP) to perform full-scale blowout preventer (BOP) maintenance before installing upper completion equipment. Halliburton provided its Intercept RBP to enable the operator to successfully complete the necessary BOP maintenance. 


This was a critical well for the customer. The first branch that was drilled is currently the longest well in the Caspian Sea, with a total depth of 7,411m. The second branch, drilled to a TD of 6,803m, would then have to be completed after a period of BOP maintenance. 

As completion operations needed to begin immediately after retrieving the RBP, several meetings, discussions, presentations were carried out to discuss running and retrieval operations. This was the first time that Halliburton had run its 9 5/8-inch Intercept RBP for Total, and the first time in Azerbaijan. 


Halliburton proposed using its 9 5/8-inch Intercept RBP, which is API 11D1 Grade V0 and qualified to 7,500 psi (517 bar) with no hang weight requirement. The assembly also has a 400,000-lb tensile capability. Prior to running and setting the Intercept RBP, an inflow test on the 5 1/2-inch x 7 5/8-inch liner top was required. The test was successfully completed using the reliable, field-proven RTTS® service packer and RTTS circulating valve assembly, allowing the following critical well operations to proceed. 

  • Run a 9 5/8-inch Intercept RBP 
  • Pull out BOP for full maintenance
  • Install a Christmas tree and BOP
  • Retrieve the Intercept RBP 
  • Run completion equipment 

use of Intercept RBP


month duration of BOP maintenance


non-productive time


drilled depth in 1st branch of Caspian Sea


Total carried out full BOP maintenance within a one-month duration. The Halliburton team performed the installation and retrieval without any challenges or non-productive time (NPT), proving the low operational complexity of the Intercept RBP. Additionally, when the Halliburton team pulled the Intercept RBP out of hole, the tool looked brand new with no sign of damage on key parts (such as the elements, slips, and ball valve module), thus proving the tool’s durability. This operation was the first Intercept RBP run in Azerbaijan, and the first time that it was used for Total. As of this date, it also marked the deepest setting of an Intercept bridge plug.

Intercept Retrievable Bridge Plug

A gas-tight, well-suspension plug ideal for dual-barrier applications, and is designed to handle a wide range of well conditions.

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Intercept Retrievable Bridge Plug

RTTS Packer

A full-opening, hookwall packer used for testing, treating, and squeeze cementing operations. In most cases, the tool runs with a circulating valve assembly. 

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RTTS packer

Model 2 RTTS Circulating Valve

Provides an efficient, safe method of performing inflow/negative tests while maintaining set weight on the packer.

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