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Specific Challenge

Operator could not address well conditions by running an ESP at fixed frequency.

Region - North America Region - North America

North America

Region - North America


  • System instability due to various downhole system challenges 
  • Undesired shutdowns due to motor fluctuations


  • Remotely optimize PID mode of operation where the VFD alters its speed to stabilize the system based on a set target 
  • Collaboration with field personnel and account manager


  • Increased system stability with motor loading variations reduced from 6.5 A to 1 A 
  • Consistent motor temperature reduces well faulting and shutdowns, improving ESP system reliability and run life 
  • Increased draw down by 20 psi within seven hours of PID implementation 
  • Reduced field tech interventions and miles driven, increasing safety


Regardless of the well type, challenges in the downhole system can cause unstable electric submersible pump (ESP) operation. These challenges, like paraffin, solids, trash, and more, lead to downtime, suboptimal production, and shortened run life.


Operators cannot address the problems of dynamic well conditions by running an ESP at a fixed frequency. The situation is exacerbated when the operator does not have ESP expertise within their team to address these challenges.


The Halliburton Intelevate platform team works with field personnel to set up a SummitView™ Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) mode of operation. The PID mode of operation continually operates while the well is running by varying the frequency to maintain a target. Intelevate team members review parameters to select desired target variable frequency drive (VFD) amps, motor amps, and intake pressure with limitation bounds. They also select the mode’s reactivity level, fault set points, and the minimum and maximum speeds of operation. The team can then diagnose problems in the SCADA trend analysis and coordinate with field personnel and account representatives to make remote changes in real-time.


The PID mode allowed the Intelevate platform team to monitor and adjust as needed constantly, which decreased stress on the system due to varying operations and shutdowns. This resulted in increased uptime and production by eliminating or reducing field service trips to restart or troubleshoot wells, which reduced operating expenses and minimized environmental and safety risks.

20 psi

Drawdown increased

7 hrs

For the change to take effect


Reduced field tech interventions and miles driven


Increased safety

Digital solutions

The Intelevate™ Platform

The Intelevate™ Platform

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