Specific Challenge

Onsite field technicians are not optimal with decline in well production.

Region - North America Region - North America

North America

Region - North America


  • System instability
  • Gas instability
  • Motor cooling issues
  • Flow line issues
  • Excessive amps fluctuation


  • Best practices for tubing and casing pressure
  • Remote monitoring and adjustment:
    • Stabilize amperage fluctuations
    • Enable gas lock mode
    • Reduce high motor temperature shutdowns


  • Increased system stability
  • Increased drawdown
  • Improved ESP system reliability and extended run life
  • Reduced field technician interventions and miles driven, increasing safety


The fluid profile constantly changes in unconventional wells as the pump intake pressure (PIP) decreases. As a result, the system must deal with more free gas coming out of the solution, passing through the intake, and causing more load fluctuations on the electric submersible pump (ESP) system.


The changing load from current fluctuations is not ideal for the ESP and can negatively impact system stability, reliability, and run life because of increased motor temperature and shutdowns. With the rapid production decline in unconventional wells, which are often remotely located, management by onsite field technicians is not optimal.


The Summit ESP® Intelevate team can monitor wells 24-7, providing immediate visibility to load fluctuations, set alarms, and proactively optimize wells. When high motor temperatures and amperage are detected, GasLock mode is remotely implemented, and a new motor temperature kill set point is established.


With the Intelevate team remotely monitoring the ESP system, the team can rapidly respond to load fluctuations, gas slugs, and prevent or reduce high motor temperature shutdowns. In addition to extending system run life and maintaining production, the number of miles driven by field technicians is significantly reduced while safety increases.


Well monitoring


Improved ESP reliability and extended run life


Field technician interventions and miles driven

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