Specific Challenge

Operators frustrated by lack of ball seating action

Region - South Texas Region - South Texas

Eagle Ford shale formation

Region - South Texas


  • Operators frustrated with lack of ball seating action and poor pressure tests with competitor plugs


  • Deployed and set 4.40-in. OD Illusion Prestige frac plugs using both BIP and ball-drop methods



  • Operators deployed plugs without changing operations 
  • Excellent ball seating with the plugs 
  • Verified pressure test results achieved versus the competitors’ plugs 
  • Successful dissolution allowed for efficient cleanout


During operator trials with using Illusion® Prestige frac plugs, the operator overcame several challenges associated with dissolvable frac plugs historically found in the Eagle Ford shale. Capitalizing on the fluids and cost savings associated with ball-in-place (BIP) applications, the operator was able to successfully deploy and verify plug integrity before perforating each zone. Throughout the stimulation of each stage, no anomalies in pressure integrity were detected, confirming the plugs held during the entire process. After the last stage was stimulated, the operator went in with intervention within a week and observed no issues during the cleanup operation. The Illusion Prestige frac plug reduced fluid demand, verified isolation integrity, and reduced intervention time onsite, helping the operator save time and costs.


After plugs are set, it is often difficult for operator to know whether the ball is on seat or if the plug is properly set before pumping treatments. In an effort to minimize waste, avoiding excessive pumping before the ball is on seat, plug integrity, placing treatments accurately, and minimizing cleanout time are all important to the bottom line. Additionally, operators often question whether they are receiving the most benefit from stimulation treatments due to lack of ball seating indications and poor pressure tests. 


The Illusion Prestige dissolvable frac plug is generally run with a BIP setting kit to enable efficient plug deployment and immediate pressure testing after setting to confirm isolation integrity. It is designed to provide anchoring and isolation during pad well fracturing operations while degrading quickly enough to ensure a more efficient cleanout process.

inch OD Illusion® Prestige frac plugs deployed


and ball-drop methods used


anomalies in pressure integrity


issues during the cleanup operation


When considering the impressive results achieved, it is essential to highlight the performance of the dissolvable frac plug. This innovative technology has surpassed expectations in crucial areas, such as anchoring, isolation, and degradation time, which reduces operators’ risks and intervention time.

The Illusion Prestige frac plug has proven to be highly effective in providing robust ball seat indication and delivering excellent pressure test results during deployment. This assurance allows our operators to proceed with confidence, knowing that their treatment is being accurately placed within the desired zone. Plus, after job completion, the frac plugs fully dissolved and were not observed during the cleanout trip. This outcome further underscores the significant product advantages, confirming the successful plug dissolution and eliminating the need for additional intervention or removal operations.

Frac Plugs

Improves operational efficiencies before and after the plug dissolves

The Illusion® Prestige frac plug is another evolutionary step in Halliburton dissolvable frac plug technology that features a robust, optimized design to improve operational efficiency and reliability.

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