Mature Fields


Deliver a complex three-well P&A program


United Kingdom


  • Deliver a complex three-well P&A program within a commercial arrangement with cost assurance
  • Execute safe and efficient work scope on three subsea wells
  • Engineer technical solutions to the highest HSE standards in order to safely conduct this P&A operation


  • Collaborate with customer to determine commercial model that
  • would offset risks and costs for this project
  • Employ Halliburton multi-skilled teams and technologies to reduce POB costs and drive down operational time


  • Successfully delivered P&A project on time and on budget
  • Completed work with no HSE incidents
  • Delivered work 1.4 days ahead of plan and with only 0.21% NPT


Halliburton was awarded a multi-services contract from an international oil company (IOC) in the UK sector of the North Sea to provide integrated plug and abandonment (P&A) services for three subsea wells located in a mature field of the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). The project was estimated to take around three months to complete.


The risks associated with conducting subsea well P&A operations are among the most challenging to undertake, and these risks include:

  • Difficulty of easily moving between well bays during unexpected downhole conditions
  • Inability to conduct a time-saving, platform phased approach due to environmental and logistical challenges
  • Limited subsea wellhead access and maintenance because of aged equipment with integrity and structural concerns
  • Necessity of having contingency equipment on hand in the event that various downhole scenarios are encountered


The Halliburton Project Management (HPM) team was awarded a multi-services contract to provide integrated project management offshore and onshore, along with cementing materials, fluids, cased-hole services (slickline and e-line), plug and packer products, and tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP).

The HPM team worked with the client and other key stakeholders to drive project efficiencies, ensure capturing of lessons learned and opportunities for improvement, and leverage experience from previous projects in order to help foster an ethos of continuous improvement and collaboration, as well as to implement Halliburton technologies and updated industry methodologies.

Successful implementation of the above included:

  • Utilizing multi-skilled teams from various Halliburton product service lines (PSLs) to reduce personnel-on-board (POB) requirements
  • Planning for primary and contingency options to promote efficiency and avoid unnecessary delays
  • Implementing a cement plug checklist to reduce requirements for tagging cased-hole cement plugs

Days ahead of schedule


HSE incidents


Nonproductive time


Alignment with health, safety, and environmental (HSE) considerations at the worksite drove a “one-team” safety culture offshore. The HPM team’s ability to work closely with the client and rig contractor in order to scope specific solutions was a major contributing factor to the project’s overall success. This team’s performance was excellent throughout, with only 0.21% non-productive time (NPT) recorded across the entire project.

This project proved that the HPM team could deliver integrated services in a tri-party business model – collaborating with the customer and rig contractor on planning, execution, and HSE – to successfully abandon the client’s subsea well stock under fixed-price contractual terms.

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