Mature Fields

Specific Challenge

Automate well testing process, while removing personnel from hazardous operation


Middle East



  • Protect personnel from hazardous well testing operations
  • Automate the testing process to optimize manpower
  • Avoid poor control/performance of equipment
  • Reduced emissions during operations


  • FloConnect® choke manifold
  • FloConnect wireless data acquisition and real-time gas analyzer systems


  • Safely and efficiently executed well testing operations for multiple zones in ultra-high H2S reservoirs
  • Removed personnel from the red zone by monitoring and controlling the FloConnect equipment from the Command Center and/or tablets
  • Provided real-time gas analysis measurements without hydrocarbon exposure to the atmosphere


A remotely located exploratory well, characterized by multiple zones, was being drilled in a high-pressure and ultra-high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environment. Past attempts to flow back these wells proved very challenging, resulting in the client’s heightened expectations of a successful flow back operation.

The local Halliburton Testing and Subsea (TSS) team turned this situation around with the design and execution of a ground-breaking technology solution, addressing the technical, HSE, and emissions aspects of operating in such an extreme environment, while also minimizing crew levels to avoid endangering personnel in the red zone.


Traditionally, when monitoring high-pressure conditions, more equipment is required, and consequently, more personnel are needed to operate the complex well test system. In this case, the operator sought an alternate solution to help mitigate risk to personnel, equipment, and the environment. This not only meant relying on automation to reduce human intervention, but it also involved the maintenance of equipment integrity, reliability, and controllability, with a high degree of accuracy critical to collecting quality test data and gas analysis at surface.


The TSS team responded to these challenges by providing:

  • The FloConnect® choke manifold — highly automated and electronically controlled system
  • Surface wireless data acquisition system — for real-time process information with superior data reliability, while reducing rig-up time
  • Gas analyzer system — a fully automated system (zero-emission/closed loop, minimal maintenance, and in-field calibration) for real-time H2S, CO2, C1-6, and gas density sampling

The FloConnect products deliver full remote-control functionality that keeps personnel out of the line of fire, with computerized access to equipment status and operational conditions at all times. In addition, provide equipment condition monitoring (ECM) to enable personnel to easily view the choke manifold’s health on screen in real-time.


The client’s goals and expectations of safe test operations were achieved with the introduction of the FloConnect choke manifold, surface data acquisition system, and the gas analyzer system, along with the TSS team’s expertise. In addition, the ECM capability optimized preventative maintenance efforts, leading to 100 percent uptime throughout the whole operation—with zero disruptive events recorded.

Rather than a large crew physically performing tasks and operations in the red zone, a fewer number of personnel remotely executed and monitored everything from the FloConnect Command Center, including the tracking of well parameters and health alerts to prevent equipment failure. Zone-rated FloConnect tablets and helmet-mounted displays assisted the personnel with situational awareness during equipment checks. Finally, hydrocarbon releases into the atmosphere due to disruptive events were eliminated.


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