The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) is a state-owned, fully integrated oil and gas company headquartered in Egypt. The National Oil Company (NOC) is a shareholder in 41 Joint Venture companies that work on more than 5000 wells.

Over the last two years, EGPC has been rapidly scaling up its digitalization efforts in response to significant exploration investment from major oil and gas companies that are shifting away from the North Sea due to tighter regulations. As part of its digitalization strategy, EGPC wanted to enhance the rig monitoring and reporting process between the Joint Venture companies.

Figure 1: Data flow between EGPC and its Join Venture companies

After extensive technical and capability analysis, EGPC chose Halliburton as its digital transformation partner to achieve Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum’s vision of deploying a unified, central database to help in efficient monitoring and analysis of drilling and completion performance.

Figure 2: The Halliburton and EGPC team at the MoU signing event

The partnership was made official with an MoU and during the event, Halliburton presented a pilot project to showcase a dynamic dashboard that compares historical and current drilling data to offer key insights for process optimization and productivity enhancements.

The MoU was signed by EGPC’s Chairman and Halliburton’s Vice President (Egypt and Libya).

Unifying data & uncovering insights for continuos drilling optimization

The project had two key objectives - to streamline and simplify the reporting process between EGPC and its JVs and unlock powerful insights from Egypt’s drilling operations data.

We leveraged its suite of DecisionSpace® software to build a Central Drilling Data Repository (CDDR) and layered it with powerful analytics solutions to generate real-time, drilling report dashboards.

  • EDM™ AutoSync™ software - To provide access and synchronize data across different companies.
  • EDM™ software - To aggregate and store project and corporate level data for all wells throughout their lifecycles in one database.
  • DecisionSpace® Analytics software - To effectively monitor and analyze field operations to improve drilling and completions performance using advanced data analytics solutions. Halliburton helped EGPC to tailor these real-time, dynamic dashboards for various levels of management and operations teams.

Figure 3: Dashboard that aggregates HSE trends from multiple EGPC Joint Ventures

For instance, management teams at EGPC headquarters could use the dashboards to get a quick overview of drilling and completion performance across the country, while operations teams were presented with field level data and insights.

Figure 4: Dashboard highlighting field level data and insights across different EGPC Joint Ventures

By accessing these drilling and well insights in real-time, EGPC could easily compare historical data with current activities to make better decisions, optimize future drilling programs, reduce NPT, and achieve better cost efficiency and productivity.

Leveraging CDDR to deploy a digital twin for drilling operations

Leading National Oil Companies and International Oil Companies are already realizing the benefits of digital-first operations to achieve better cost efficiency, productivity improvement, and informed decision making.  A CDDR serves as a key foundation that will help accelerate the delivery of a digital well construction environment covering the entire drilling lifecycle - from the planning, detailed well design and the execution phases, which are all linked and updated in real-time to enable a digital twin of Egypt’s drilling operations.

With this project, Halliburton is well placed to be EGPC’s strategic provider in transforming its drilling operations with our industry leading experience and innovative, interoperable DecisionSpace® 365 software.


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