In today’s challenging environments, there is an increasing need for reliable and accurate reservoir data, driving the need for continuous improvement of monitoring technology. Opsis® permanent downhole gauges are the latest addition to the DataSphere® permanent monitoring suite, providing real-time downhole data for increased productivity throughout the life of the well.
Opsis gauges feature ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology in combination with field-proven resonating quartz crystal sensors. The result is highly accurate pressure and temperature measurements, even under extreme temperature conditions.
Opsis gauges can be used for single or multi-zone monitoring applications. These gauges may be ported to tubing, annulus, or control line. The addition of feed-through or splitter block assemblies enables the monitoring of multiple zones.


  • ASIC hybrid electronics qualified to 205°C 
  • Demonstrated downhole gauge reliability 10 years @185°C 
  • Onboard intelligent gauge diagnostics 
  • Bellows to isolate quartz crystal from well fluids 
  • Designed for harsh environments up to 30,000 psi and 205°C


  • Continuous pressure and temperature data without the need for well intervention 
  • Enhanced reservoir management 
  • Increased system reliability using stable pressure/temperature measurements


  • Life of the well production monitoring 
  • Life of the field reservoir monitoring 
  • SmartWell® completion system optimization 
  • Artificial lift optimization

FMJ Cable Termination 

Opsis gauges use a high performance cable termination with a sealing arrangement based on our highly reliable intelligent completion FMJ connector. This cable termination incorporates a pressure-testable dual metal-to-metal ferrule seal arrangement for isolating the downhole cable outer metal sheath from the well fluid. 


Opsis gauges are tested to the full pressure and temperature rating during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and each gauge comes with an independently checked calibration certificate.

New gauge designs are subjected to Reliability Demonstration Testing (RDT) per AWES Recommended Practices. 

Gauge Designs

  • Quartz transducer 
  • ASIC technology 
  • Maximum 205°C operating temperature 
  • 0.75-in OD slim line design 
  • Improved shock and vibration performance


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