ZoneID for cuttings and shale analysis

While drill cutting samples are an abundant and cost-effective source of subsurface insight in tight formations, their use in traditional core analysis is limited due to their size and irregular shape. 

Halliburton helps you determine how representative a sample is, regardless of size. It provides a unique look at cuttings from thight formations using digital and physical methods. Understand important reservoir quality indicators and integrate these properties with our proven workflow to help you select landing zones, design completions, and perform post-drill analyses. 

ZoneID® for cuttings and shale analysis
ZoneID® for cuttings and shale analysis


  • Cost-effectively predict fluid flow transport properties with quantitative information about pore type, size, and shape
  • Visually understand the pore structures of rocks in relation to the volume fractions that are a key indication of hydrocarbon storage
  • Directly compute effective porosity, as well as the different pore types present in your rock (PAOM, inter and intragranular)
  • Obtain insights about thermal maturity and the ability of the rock matrix to preserve organic porosity
  • Predict PAOM in offset wells where only TOC is available, using statistical analysis and empirical trends

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