Delivering high-resolution borehole images while drilling 

The XBAT™ Plus azimuthal sonic and ultrasonic service addresses a wide range of applications to increase the understanding of the reservoir properties, and comprehend the drilling environment while drilling. 

  • Optimized drilling solutions through real-time monitoring of pore pressure and wellbore stability
  • Enhanced well placement through the generation of synthetic seismograms to tie back to surface seismic data
  • Obtaining porosity measurements without the risks associated with nuclear sources
  • Acquiring valid acoustic data for the entire well
Real-time decisions, safer drilling
The XBAT Plus service features an azimuthal 4-pinger ultrasonic caliper that provides a real-time assessment of borehole shape and quality, enabling timely adjustment of drilling fluid properties to maintain wellbore stability. 
Optimized drilling, enhanced well placement
The XBAT Plus transmitters provide increased signal strength at both low and high frequencies, delivering enhanced data quality in all formations. The tool’s 24 receivers exhibit high sensitivity across the desired frequency range, minimizing noise impact.


  • Flexible tool configuration allowing while-drilling changes to the firing sequence as required
  • Real-time caliper and borehole shape for wellbore stability monitoring
  • Real-time casing energy enables evaluation of cement while tripping in hole



A halliburton engineer looking at the data on the screen

Drill to produce

  •  Improve wellbore placement through time-to-depth correlation from the creation of synthetic seismograms
  • Enhance geosteering operations with real-time azimuthal acoustic data sets

Enhance reservoir understanding

  • Identify gas, using Vp/Vs ratio
  • Understand rock mechanical properties through derivation of bulk modulus, shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio

Reduce well time

  • Reduce NPT associated with wellbore stability issues through real time monitoring of pore pressure and borehole shape and optimization of the mud weight window
  • Decrease the need for separate wireline CBL run by using real-time top of cement evaluation and an early assessment of cement bond quality
  • Remove the environmental risks associated with nuclear sources through acoustic porosity estimation


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