Powerful wellbore cleaners for the toughest jobs. 

BaraKlean cleaners include a range of products to promote wellbore cleanliness to keep costs down and production up. With BaraKlean removal of drilling fluid, oil, and solid residue is fast, and cleanup time and filtration costs are kept at a minimum.  Our suite of cleaners is highly effective in a range of completion brines and has achieved the highest possible North Sea environmental standard (Gold).

Decrease cleanup time

BaraKlean cleaners help ensure operations are not extended when transitioning from drilling to completion operations. Halliburton BaraKlean Solutions service will ensure high standards of wellbore cleanliness while keeping rig time to a minimum.

Reduce waste utilizing Completion Fluids Graphics (CFG™) software

Displacement engineering with Completion Fluid Graphics (CFG™) software optimizes pill volumes, pump rates and flow regimes. Combining digital tools with the powerful chemistry of BaraKlean cleaners and efficiency of our filtration services, waste volumes from the operation are kept to a minimum.

Well cleaners calibrated to your needs

BaraKlean solutions work across your entire operation. BaraKlean cleaners include casing cleaners, viscosifiers and solids-free fluids designed for displacement programs. Our well cleaners can be applied to water and oil-based mud displacements as well as related cleaning tasks. We combine chemistry and engineering technologies to clean the wellbore efficiently, effectively and safely. By collaborating with customers every step of the way, we can refine our systems to your needs for the optimum wellbore clean-up solution.


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