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Well plan reviews are an engineering analysis of the mechanical design, operational drilling plan, and general operational procedures. These reviews ensure equipment is configured according to operational needs, regulatory compliance, and adequate preparation to mitigate a well control incident and potential escalation is in place. Well plan reviews involve examining the well control aspects of drilling plans such as:

  • Casing point setting depth
  • Fracture gradients
  • Mud densities
  • Overall operational procedures

We collaborate with you to make recommendations on equipment design and operational practices based on well control industry standards.

Well plan review
Well plan review

Conducting engineering well plan reviews

Our reviews thoroughly assess rig operations based on globally recognized standards, regulations, and industry best practices.

The review process aims to evaluate the well plan through a three-step approach, including documentation and records review, employee interviews, and physical condition surveys to determine the following:

  • Equipment is suitable for its intended purpose and configured according to operational needs
  • Process complies with regulatory requirements and meets operator specifications
  • Adequate preparation has been made to handle any incidents, control potential escalations, and minimize losses

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