Enlarge your wellbore and your rathole in one run 

The TDReam hole enlargement tool is a unique industry solution developed to reduce rathole length to less than 3 feet (1 meter). It is used in combination with the XR Reamer™ tool, which enlarges the section. The TDReam tool is used below the rotary steerable system (RSS) for rathole enlargement. 

Eliminate multiple reaming trips to reduce rathole length

Learn how the innovative TDReam hole enlargement tool can reach total depth in one run.

Eliminate multiple reaming trips to reduce rathole length

Case Study / Gulf of Mexico

RSS and at-bit reamer saves operator 48 hours and USD 2 million

Engineered drilling solution, using the Geo-Pilot® Dirigo™ rotary steerable system (RSS) with the TD Ream™ hole enlargement tool, eliminates extra rathole run.

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The industry’s closest at-bit reamer 

The TDReam tool is an innovative reaming-while-drilling downhole design that allows operators to enlarge the whole section in a single run. Due to the conventional hole enlargement tools position in the BHA, rathole enlargements require additional trips.  Now, with the TDReam hole enlargement tool, it can be done at once, saving time and money. 


  • Reduces rathole length to less than 3 feet
  • Saves rig time
  • Limited impact on steerability
  • Reliable activation system 

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