Avoid bypassed pay with precise multi-stage stimulation 

SurgiFrac service enables operators to place targeted stimulation treatments in any horizontal well. Manipulation of the Bernoulli Effect through a process called dynamic diversion makes it possible to deliver focused stimulation to cased hole and openhole wells, regardless of whether previously stimulated intervals exist above or below target treatment intervals. 

Jetting tools for maximum efficiency 

Utilizing Hydra-Jet™ TS abrasive jetting tools, the SurgiFrac process involves cutting a new perforation or channel in the target interval, then moving straight into the stimulation phase, jetting the treatment fluid directly into the desired zone. By using clean fluid down the annulus to enhance the combined treatment rate, we can boost the overall rate. 

Compatible and customizable

SurgiFrac is compatible with acidizing, chemical injections, and proppant frac applications. Its highly configurable tool assembly enables you to customize jet count and alignment, tool diameter, and even incorporate orienting tools to accommodate targeted stimulation operations. 

Data sheet

SurgiFrac® near wellbore service

The Halliburton SurgiFrac near wellbore service enables accurate placement of focused chemical/solids-laden fluids to remove damage in the wellbore.


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