Specific Challenge

PinPoint Stimulation to restore gas production


United Arab Emirates


  • A gas producer well in the UAE was completed with a 7,000 ft horizontal section, that required a stimulation treatment to restore production
  • Bypassed pay remains accessible
  • The lateral is an open hole, making selective placement of stimulation intervals and  limited treatment volumes, critical to bypass the depleted zones
  • Upper completion casing has a maximum pressure limit of 4,700 psi


  • The target stimulation depths were selected based on petrophysical analysis of the logs performed on the open hole
  • SurgiFrac was selected as the stimulation method to enable targeted placement of treatments, utilizing dynamic diversion to provide pressure isolation
  • Primary treatment pumped down the CT string would allow optimal stimulation, not exceeding the surface casing pressure limits


  • Operation was completed in less time than anticipated by the customer, completing 20 stages in 24 hours
  • Dynamic diversion enabled the placement of separate targeted stimulation intervals in an open hole completion, bypassing depleted zones


Stages Completed in 24 Hours