Real-time high resolution down-view camera 

The SPECTRUM® IRIS is a down-view camera compatible with the SPECTRUM FUSION suite of tools. Capable of providing full color, high resolution video in real time, the IRIS camera brings a clearer view of the borehole environment than ever before.

An Image of Spectrum

Eyes wide open

Integrated LED lighting illuminates the field of view, shedding light on even the darkest of operating environments. The ability to maintain full circulation through the tool keeps the lens clear to ensure image clarity, while also enabling wellbore cleaning to be performed during the diagnostic run. The SPECTRUM IRIS is rated for all chemical services, making the tool usable in concert with a broad range of service applications.

Plug and play operation

Plug & play integration with SPECTRUM FUSION enables rapid integration with both the diagnostic capabilities of fiber-optic lines for distributed wellbore profiling and robust sensor tools, as well as the SPECTRUM 360 side-view camera, to provide a comprehensive downhole view. 

Real-time High Resolution Down-view Camera

Real-time High Resolution Down-view Camera

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