The industry’s first flow through 360° camera 

SPECTRUM 360 is the industry’s first flow through multi-side view camera, providing downhole visualization of well intervention services. It delivers an unprecedented level of diagnostic capability and validation of operational objectives. We designed the SPECTRUM 360 camera to integrate with the existing SPECTRUM tool using an optimized plug and play connection while retaining the tool's revolutionary ability to attach additional mechanical or electrical tools below the combined assembly. 


World Oil Awards - 2019

Best Well Intervention Technology 

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Watch Now

Multi-side view flow-through camera 

SPECTRUM 360 delivers more than just a comprehensive real-time video feed, it's capable of providing in-depth analysis of wellbore data that has never been made available before. 


  • Retains SPECTRUM® open architecture plug and play capability
  • Enables diagnostics, intervention, and verification in a single trip
  • Can be run in conjunction with other tools
  • Flow-through technology
  • 360° lens coverage
  • Adjustable LED lighting with high resolution color video

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