Manage scale to maintain long-term oil production

During stimulation, water is injected into the wellbore at high pressures. This results in surface water coming into contact with reservoir water. The mixing of these waters can cause minerals to precipitate and form scale deposits. Following a hydraulic fracturing treatment, as fluids are produced, changes in temperature, pressure, and chemical composition can also result in scale.

With scale inhibitors, you can help prevent the formation of mineral deposits within the wellbore and on production equipment, significantly improving production rates. The Scalechek® scale prevention service is a stimulation chemical engineered to prevent scale formation and helps improve long-term oil production in various reservoirs, including sandstone, carbonate, tight-gas, and shale. Coupled with our in-house chemical expertise and testing capabilities, the Scalechek service provides effective scale management that helps operators maintain well productivity, prevent damage to equipment and ensure the long-term success of the well.

Effectice scale management

Features and benefits

  • Compatible with most brines and many common stimulation fluids, including friction reducer and borate-crosslinked fracturing fluids
  • Anionic additives designed to provide broad compatibility across a wide range of fluid systems and additives
  • Stable in high salt concentrations, cold weather, and temperatures from 300°F to 460°F
  • Effective at low concentrations (0.5 to 1.0 gal/1,000 gal) in most reservoirs 

Scale prevention additive in lab test tube handled by Halliburton lab technician
Scale prevention services

With advanced, in-house chemical expertise


Prevent formation damage of mineral deposits


Inhibitors are compatible with most brines


Costs and reduce equipment damage

Control and prevent long-term scaling

In many reservoirs, formation water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium carbonate (CaCO3), strontium sulfate (SrSO4), and barium sulfate (BaSO4). These minerals can interact with the treatment fluids to produce carbonate and sulfate scales. Scale can collect on the wellbore and production equipment, causing blockages and reduced operational efficiency.

Scalechek effectively inhibits the formation of sulfate and carbonate-based scale. It provides excellent control of barite scale in the presence of iron and is efficient at low concentrations, in high salt concentrations, cold weather, and high temperatures.

Scalechek is available in liquid and encapsulated versions to provide effective protection in varying applications.

Advanced testing to improve flow rates and wellbore integrity

Our scale inhibitors are compatible with most brines and common stimulation fluids, including friction reducers and borate-crosslinked fracturing fluids. To help determine inhibitor effectiveness and performance, our experts analyze produced brine to determine the amount of an inhibitor present. This can help predict when a new scale inhibitor squeeze is needed to maintain long-term protection.

The Scalechek family of scale inhibitors consists of anionic-formulated products designed with a constant release rate to prevent long-term scaling in the wellbore and production equipment. Each product is tested for compatibility with Halliburton products, especially when used with other materials, such as cationic chemicals.

Using water composition data, temperature, and pressure, our experts can predict the type of scale that may form and provide the right Scalechek product and dosage to prevent scale-related issues. By reducing or eliminating scale formation, our Scalechek products help improve production rates and reduce equipment damage, resulting in increased operational efficiency and critical cost savings.


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